Description: carnivorous, lived 90 million years ago, during cretaceous in Mongolia

Belonging Order: Diapsid, Saurischia Theropoda, Dromacosauridae

Period: oldest cretaceous, about 70-65 million years ago

Distribution: middle-eastern Asia

Length: about 2 meters

Height: about 1 meter

Weight: about 45 kg

Physical Characteristics: Agile two-footed carnivorous with a tremendous claw as second toe, which was lifted during running and used during attacks for a lethal kick causing deep wounds. Its hands with 3 fingers were endowed of big claws as well. Its large mouth with more than 70 very sharp teeth had formidable muscles as well. Velociraptor had big eyes and a wide cranium with a well-skilled brain. Its spinal column was stiff as well as its tail used as a rocker arm during running and jumps.

Food: carnivorous

Extended Description: They probably used to hunt in groups

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