Description: Carnivorous, lived 67 million years ago during Cretaceous, in North America, China and India.

Belonging Order: Diapsid, Saurischia Theropoda, Tirannosauridae

Period: Old Cretaceous, 65-70 million years ago

Distribution: North America

Length: 12-15 meters

Height: 5-6 meters

Weight: about 7,5 tons

Physical Characteristics: Two-footed dinosaur, with a very big head with respect to its body, and about 50 sharp teeth, dagger-shaped, with a length of about 15 cm. Posterior limbs were very powerful, large and with big claws. Frontal limbs were short, with 2 fingers each, but unable to reach its own mouth.

Food: carnivorous

Extended Description: Tyrannosaurus have been the greatest carnivorous dinosaurs ever existed. One hypothesis is that they were too heavy to actively hunt, and ate only remains; on the other hand studies suggest that they could have been very good, fast and active predators. The position of its tail during locomotion, whether it was dragged or not, is also ambiguous.

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