Description: vegetarian, lived 140 million years ago during latest Jurassic in America

Belonging Order: Diapsid, Ornithischia Stegosauria, Stegosauridae

Period: Earliest Jurassic, about 140-150 million years ago

Distribution: Northwestern America

Length: 6-8 meters

Height: about 4 meters

Physical Characteristics: 4-footed dinosaur, front limbs were shorter than posterior limbs. It had two lines of crests, leaf-shaped, located on its back along its spinal column. At the end of its tail there were two pairs of spines. Its head was very little with respect to its body. Its mouth had a frontal horny beak and small posterior teeth not well specialized.

Food: Vegetarian, they probably browsed ferns, cycadaceae and other short plants that were eaten without chewing them.

Extended Description: In the past, people thought that its leaf-shaped dorsal bones were used as protection against carnivorous dinosaurs’ attacks. A more recent hypothesis is that their flat bones were rich of blood vessels and, as such, used as a source of heat. They probably used to eat stones in order to foster the grinding of vegetables in their stomach.

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