Description: Herbivorous, lived 130 million years ago in Europe, North America and Asia

Belonging Order: Diapsid, Ornitopoda, Iguanodontidae

Period: Cretaceous, about 150 million years ago

Distribution: Europe, North America

Length: till 9-10 meters

Height: 4-5 meters

Weight: about 4 tons

Physical Characteristics: The smallest dinosaurs of these species were mostly two-footed, while the biggest were four-footed. The frontal limbs were shorter than the posterior ones, and its first finger was different from the others, with a long claw probably used as a defense. Its posterior paws were big and powerful with nails that turned into hoofs. Its mouth had a horny beak and about one hundred teeth that looked like iguanas’ teeth, located in different lines with the possibility to be replaced by new ones when they fell.

Food: Vegetarian

Extended Description: It was the first dinosaur fossil to be recognized as such. Mantell found it in Cretaceous ruins, in 1822 in England.

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