Description: Vegetarian, lived 152 million years ago in Tanzania, Algeria and North-western America

Belonging Order: Diapsid, Saurischia Sauropoda, Brachiosauridae

Period: old Jurassic, about 140 million years ago

Distribution: North America, Eastern Africa

Length: more than 25 meters

Height: 12-13 meters

Weight: 80-100 tons

Physical Characteristics: huge dinosaur, with a massive body supported by 4 strong limbs, the frontal being longer than the posterior ones. It had very long neck and tail, and a short head.

Food: Vegetarian

Extended Description: Brachiosaurus were among the biggest land animals ever existed. In the past people thought they were aquatic animals but nowadays they are consider terrestrial. With its long frontal limbs it was able to push itself on its posterior limbs in order to lift its body and reach the leaves on the tallest plants and trees. They probably ate stones in order to facilitate the grinding of leaves in its stomach, like birds.

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